Are Short Term Loans a Good Way to Pay for Holidays?

If you are thinking about taking a holiday then after deciding where you might like to go and when, you will need to think about how you are going to pay for it. It can rather spoil the fun if you are thinking about this but it is a good idea to do so as it could impact your enjoyment otherwise. You do not want to spend your holiday worrying about whether you can afford it or how you are going to pay for it etc. Therefore, make sure that you get all of that sorted out beforehand. There are different options that you can take for paying for a holiday and it is a good idea to make sure that you have a good idea as to the pros and cons of each so that you can make the best decision for you.


If you have any savings then it is best to use these to pay for your holiday. This is because these will be the cheapest way to pay for it. You may have some concerns about using savings like this though. Firstly, your savings might be earning you some interest and you may not want to go without that. However, that interest will not be very much and it is extremely likely to be significantly less than the interest that you will need to pay on a loan. Therefore, although you should check, it is likely to be much cheaper to use savings than a loan.

You may have other reservations as well though. You might worry that you will not have any money to fall back on if you use up your savings. This is a reasonable worry, but it is worth thinking that you could always use a loan such as those offered by, like the one you are considering for your holiday, if you desperately need money. Hopefully you will not need it and so you will not have to pay out that extra money.

You may also have spend a lot of time and worked hard to save up that money and be reluctant to spend it. This is understandable, but you can always save it back up after the holiday. You could even start to make regular payments into your savings each month, perhaps setting up a direct debit on the day that you are paid and then you will soon be able to make the amount up again.

You may also worry that your savings will not be enough. You could use some savings and borrow some money though or you could consider taking a cheaper holiday so that you will not have to use so much money.


Loans might be your only option if you have no savings or do not have enough or if you decide that despite the extra cost of a loan you still want to keep your savings. It is worth making sure that you are choosing the right loans for you.

You should start by thinking about what you need from the loan. Consider things like how much you want to borrow, how long you need the money for, how you want to repay, how much you can afford to repay and any specific things you are looking for in a lender. Then you will be in a position to examine different loans types to see which suits you the best.

It is likely that you will find that a personal loan, credit card, overdraft or short-term loan will be the best option for you. These differ a lot and it is good to compare them and think about which will be the best. A short-term loan stands out from the rest because it is designed for those people with a poor credit record and so this might make it suitable for you if you are in that situation. An overdraft can be extremely expensive and it is worth calculating carefully whether this would be cost effective. A credit card can also be expensive but perhaps not so costly as the overdraft. A personal loan can be cheaper but it takes time to organise and they may only lend you larger amounts of money which you may not feel comfortable borrowing.

So, whether short-term loans are a good way to borrow for a holiday will very much depend on the situation that you are in, how much you want to borrow and whether you feel that you will be able to repay it. There is a lot to think about but it is worth it because it could make the difference between a good and bad holiday. If you are worried about the loan and repaying it, then it could make the holiday far less enjoyable. However, if you make the right choice then you will be able to relax more and have a really enjoyable holiday.

What Can I use Payday Loans for?

There are many lenders these days that offer payday loans. However, a lot of people will not use a payday loan because they do not know what they can be used for. It is something which it is worth finding out about as you never know when it might be useful for you. You may feel that you will not be able to use it for what you need to buy, but you could be surprised at what you will actually be able to buy with it.

What are payday loans designed for?

Payday loans were first designed for those people that needed to borrow money but did not have a good enough credit record to be able to borrow money from a traditional lender. The lenders noticed that there were some people that were really desperate to borrow money but they had no borrowing options because traditional lenders turned them away as they had a poor credit record. It was also recognised that often this money was needed for emergency purchases and so the loans were organised so that they could get the money to those that needed it really quickly. Therefore, the loans are often able to be organised so that money is available within hours.

What can I buy with them?

There are no restrictions on what you can buy with the money raised through a payday loan. Some loans are designed for specific purchases such as mortgages but payday loans are not. You will be able to choose what you spend it on and the lender will not ask or check. However, you might be restricted in what you can buy with them because of the amount that you can borrow. Payday lenders tend to lend between £100 and £1000 which means that if you need a major purchase that is more expensive than this then it will not be suitable for you. It is also worth noting that if you have not used a particular payday lender before then they may not lend you a larger amount of money. They may want you to borrow just a small amount and then show that you can repay that before they allow you to borrow more. This can vary between lenders though and so it is worth checking before you apply.

Should I use them?

Whether you should use a payday loan or not is also a question that you might want to figure out. You might wonder whether you will be the right sort of person to use one but this is something that is probably not important. You should be thinking more about whether you need a loan, how much money you want and how quickly you will be able to repay it. This is because a payday loan has to be repaid on the day that you are paid. Therefore, you need to find a lump sum of money. Of course, as you have just been paid, it is more likely that you will have the funds available to repay it. However, you need to think about the fact that you might also need to pay out for a lot of other things as well. Things like rent, contracts, other loans repayments, utilities, food and other essentials. It is therefore well worth taking a look at your finances and making sure that you think that you are able to manage that repayment as well as everything else. If you are not sure how much the loan will cost in full then it is essential that you find out. You will probably find that there is a calculator on the lenders website where you will be able to work this out. You will be able to put in details of how much you are going to borrow and how long for and this will allow them to calculate how much you will need to repay in full. If you are not sure how to do this or cannot find the calculator then you should make sure that you contact the lender so that they can let you know.

It can be quite a personal decision as to whether you should use a loan like this. It is a good idea to think about whether you really need the money to star with. Find out how much you will have to repay and make sure that you are able to afford that. Then you should also look at the alternatives that you could use instead. It might eb that you have savings, that you have other loans options r things like that. It is always essential to look at all of the alternatives when you are considering any loan. This is because you want to make sure that you are doing the very best thing for you.